2020 Introduction to Judaism Classes with Rabbi Sue Oren begin October 21

introduction to judaism class postcard

Introduction to Judaism:  An Exploration for Curious Adults  begins 10/21/20


Join this 20-session course on Jewish life, thought and practice 

Discover Judaism from an adult perspective

Become a more confident parent of Jewish children

Explore long-standing questions that you haven’t yet asked


Join this 20-session course on Jewish life, thought and practice 

In a warm and open environment,

explore Jewish thought, prayer and practice,

learn about Jewish history and holidays,

wrestle with inherited texts and contemporary issues,

discuss Jewish views of God, ethics, life and death.

The curriculum is designed to give you access to concepts, vocabulary and observances that are central to Judaism.  Explore the holy and the historical, inherited texts and contemporary issues, rhythms of the calendar and of our lives in this seminar-style course.  

Rabbi Sue Oren, Instructor and Coordinator

This 20-session class meets on ZOOM

Weds eves, 7:00-9:00 pm or Sun eves, 7:30-9:30

(plus a virtual shabbat gathering with Union Temple)

first session: October 21st 

$425 course tuition plus $25 materials fee


For registration & questions, contact Rabbi Sue Oren at introclass@earthlink.net or 1.917.539.1334


This class is co-sponsored by:  

BelovedBK, Brooklyn Heights Synagogue,  B’ShERT, Congregation Mount Sinai, 

East Midwood Jewish Center, Flatbush Jewish Center, Kane Street Synagogue, 

Kolot Chayeinu/Voices of Our Lives, Park Slope Jewish Center, Union Temple