Passover 2020 Observances at B’ShERT

Dear B’ShERT family and friends,

I know this Passover is going to be really different for most of us, and very difficult for many of us. As one of our major family holidays, it emphasizes the pain many of us are already experiencing being physically separated from our family and friends.

The word “Mizrayim,” Hebrew for “Egypt,” literally means “from narrow places.” Using this interpretively, we sometimes talk about Passover as leaving the narrow places to freedom. Technology is what is allowing our spirits not to be completely trapped in the narrow places of our homes. Being able to telephone and video-conference is how we continue to have the freedom of sharing our lives with others.

That is how we are going to be able to celebrate Passover together this year. Our second-night community Passover seder will begin at 6 pm on Thursday, April 9th.

You may have heard that there have been some security issues with Zoom, the platform that we use for interactive video gatherings. Because of that, you will need to register in advance for the second night seder. Please use this link at OneTable’s Seder2020 project to sign up in advance (by Thursday at noon).

When you register, you will receive an email with a pdf of our Community Haggadah and instructions for what it would be good to have on your table for the seder (and ways to improvise if you can’t get everything).

We will also be streaming our Festival services for the first and seventh morning of the holiday; those services will be available at & you can also check your email for details this week and next.

I look forward to celebrating virtually with you!

In community and in peace,

Rabbi Heidi