rabbi blessing a bat mitzvah
photo by Harvey Wang

We welcome new members to B’ShERT!

Your participation in our community — whether as a parent of religious school-aged children, a member engaged in study and social events, or a part of the Brooklyn “reverse diaspora” of adults returning to the borough of their youth — is encouraged and supported. Our membership form is online here. Although our programs remain online for the moment, we look forward to the day when we can welcome you in person as well.

Temple welcomes all those seeking a religious home in the Jewish faith, including singles and all kinds of families–with or without children, straight/LGBTIQ+, whether both partners are Jewish or not. We cherish the egalitarian ideals of the Reform movement and are pleased to engage with the Brooklyn communities surrounding us.

We strongly suggest joining our congregation for [virtual] Friday night or Saturday morning services any week to meet fellow congregants and our clergy. Note, however, that Shabbat is not always the easiest time to get a one-on-one chat with Rabbi, so we also suggest calling the office to make an appointment.

Our dues structure is both reasonable and flexible. Member benefits include High Holiday tickets, lifecycle events officiated by our Rabbi, and more. We acknowledge the different financial circumstances of young people, families, and older adults. Please contact the office for a membership form including all dues, religious school tuition, and other obligations of membership, or view the online forms here.