June 2020 Voice of Truth

Dear B’ShERT Community,

We’re pleased to tell you that the June 2020 edition of the Voice of Truth is now available online.

Click or copy herehttps://pubsecure.lucidpress.com/2020-06-VoT/

The Voice of Truth team is now on hiatus until the September issue. Yours truly plans to take a break from VoT editing duties by reading novels and tackling a number of writing and editing projects. (The irony does not escape me.) The deadline for the September issue is August 20th; I’ll give you plenty of notice. If you’re inspired, feel free to send your submissions earlier. As always, direct all submissions to news@bshert.org. You may also reach out to me directly at a1editor@bshert.org.

I wish everyone a peaceful, enjoyable and healthy summer. I look forward to seeing many of you on Zoom and, perhaps in the not-too-distant future, back in our beloved Temple building.


Adrienne Knoll and the Voice of Truth team