“Being B’ShERT”, Your New Blog!

Welcome to our newly minted B’ShERT blog, “Being B’ShERT”!

I had the pleasure of joining Rabbi Heidi recently on B’Yachad and, over Zoom, I was struck by the amazing camaraderie within our community and the STORIES.

Stories that go back decades.

The same day, I led a Youth Group event about storytelling in the time of COVID. (I love stories, as you can see, and I look for them wherever I go, or in this case, wherever I stay.)

I had the pleasure of brainstorming story ideas with our teen community, hours after hearing from our adult community, and the net result was that, in one day, I heard the stories of a Jewish community spanning 8 decades in age.

I can’t be the only one to have this privilege! We all deserve to share and hear the incredible stories of the B’ShERT community.

This is the space for us to do that.

We’d love to hear from you. This blog can be a place to share your accounts of quarantine life, your memories of Brooklyn, this Temple’s rich history, or things that are making you laugh right now.

What we will end up with is a multi-generational, ongoing account of how we lived before, during, and after this pandemic.

Mike, Adrienne and I are looking forward to your submissions! Please send them to blog@bshert.org.

Till soon,

Emma Tattenbaum-Fine

Digital Media and Youth Outreach Coordinator for B’ShERT