Now Sunday 10/1 — Sukkah Decorating and Dinner!

Child with Lulav in Sukkah

Nothing says “Happy Sukkot” like decorating the sukkah and a pizza dinner, right? Join us on Sunday October 1 for decorating fun and a community dinner in the B’ShERT sukkah.

Starting at 5 pm you can let your artistic side run wild. We have a new, extra-big sukkah this year, which means we need extra inspiration and extra decorating.

Once you’ve had your creative fill, get your belly full as well with pizza dinner in the sukkah followed by a short service to welcome the holiday. What a wonderful way to end the weekend!

Following on the heels of our Rosh Hashanah festivities and Yom Kippur… fastivities(?), this is another great way for families—members and prospective members alike—to get to know each other in a low-key, social setting.

What: Sukkah decorating followed by dinner in the B’ShERT Sukkah

When: Sunday October 1 at 5 pm

Where: The Sukkah at 83 Marlborough Road

Sukkot Celebration with Lulav