~Fall Youth Group Highlight~ by Emma Tattenbaum-Fine

With Thanksgiving this week, another fall holiday is on the horizon and, sadly, we cannot be together in person for this one.

Looking back over this odd season of a year unlike any other, I am so grateful that, back in October, our Temple congregants and custodians came together to safely assemble our B’ShERT sukkah!

Sukkot proved to be a uniquely CDC-compliant holiday.

We were able to gather together, outdoors, in masks, to decorate a sukkah with everything from pumpkins and fairy lights to inflated latex gloves that we hung from the ceiling with a jewel in the middle, to ward off the Evil Eye and Covid. It was a very 2020 sukkah.

There was plenty of crafting, ingenuity, and hand sanitizer.

Take a look at the fruits of our creative labor!