COVID-19 Updates from Rabbi — March 13

Dear B’ShERT family and friends,

As we have been watching the progress of the COVID-19 pandemic and the measures to slow its spread, we have become increasingly concerned about our own community. As you know, our population includes many who are vulnerable to severe effects from the virus, and none of us have immunity to it.
Our president Eric Platt, the Executive Committee, Rabbi Pinsky, and I have been discussing over the past few days what measures we should responsibly take, and based on all the knowledge that is available now, we have decided the following:
All in-person gatherings are canceled or postponed between now and the end of Passover. We will move as much as possible online, and will provide instructions for how to access it. This includes Tuesday Torah study, services, and meetings.
We have already begun to stream services. I will continue to lead services on Friday evenings and Saturday mornings alone in the sanctuary (at least for now), so that services can be streamed from the sanctuary. The link to streaming services is .
You can access an electronic version of the prayerbook to follow along here:
If you prefer to borrow a hard copy of the prayerbook, you may stop by the synagogue to pick one up, or let us know if you can’t do that and we’ll arrange to get one to you over the next week. Contact Alice at 718-282-1596 or to request to borrow a prayerbook.
Rabbi Pinsky is working with our teachers and Religious School committee to move Saturday religious school online. Hebrew lessons already take place online during the week, and will continue as they have been. She will be based at home and will send information when the plans have been made.
The family Purim megillah reading and carnival is canceled for tomorrow. Rabbi Pinsky will be on Facebook Live on the B’ShERT Facebook page at 10 am Saturday, where she will lead a Purim song session on Facebook at 10 am.
This is a frightening and confusing time, and in addition to the anxiety and concern you may be feeling, the measures we and other organizations are taking will necessarily increase social isolation. If you feel lonely and want to talk, please don’t hesitate to contact me, Rabbi PInsky, or another member of the congregation. Please also contact me or another member of the congregation if you need assistance with anything.
Even if we can’t be physically together, we want to continue to care for one another and be together spiritually. 

If you have questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me, Rabbi Pinsky, or Eric Platt.
May we be blessed with wisdom, health, and strength.
Rabbi Hoover