Service Information & Definitions

Please see our Services & Worship page for full information about our services. Our current live service broadcast (when applicable) is here.

“Multi-Access” means a service that is held in-person and that includes Zoom access for remote participants. We encourage attendance and participation in whichever modality works best for our individual members, and in recognition of their specific needs and abilities.

“Zoom-only” services are remote attendee only and are not accessible in person/at the synagogue. Please keep an eye on our calendar and Facebook page for updates on scheduling.

For a small number of services, we will not be able to provide Zoom access and those will offer attendance in person only. For example, our worship experiences held outdoors (the annual Salt Marsh Shabbat, Tashlich, etc.) generally cannot be shared/experienced on Zoom. These will be noted on our calendar and communicated in advance.

In the event of technical or communication difficulties, our Zoom service may sometimes be interrupted or unavailable. We regret these circumstances and we appreciate your understanding if and when they occur.

In general our multi-access and Zoom services are simulcast on our YouTube channel, which provides a less interactive experience.