B’ShERT Interactive Memorial Boards

Dear members —

Our new Interactive Memorial Board is now installed in the sanctuary! As we plan our return to multi-access & in-person events, you can see the board virtually using the following link —


When you view the board you will be seeing the yahrzeits for the current week and the following week of all the memorial plaques presently being displayed in the sanctuary and the PTBAS plaques that are presently in storage.

memorial board biography

The Board of Trustees has decided that the existing memorial boards in the Sanctuary will remain as is and all new memorial plaques will be digital. Please note that these digital plaques have the added feature of being able to link a biography and images of your loved ones (see attached photos of an individual plaque and a sample biography). To see an individual plaque you click on the “Search” tab under the Yahrzeit candle and then type your loved one’s last name and click on “Search”. Then locate your loved one’s name and click on it.

The following is the fee schedule for new digital plaques and the addition of biographies and images to plaques already uploaded into the board’s database.

Digital Plaque — $300

Enhanced Digital Plaque — With Biography and Photos [maximum of 3 images] at time of purchase — $360

Addition of Biography and Photos [maximum of 3 images] to Existing Digital Plaques — $100

Here is an order form for you to return either via email or regular mail. There will also be a fill-in form on Shulcloud momentarily.

If you have any questions please contact me.



Eric Platt,